Science News for Students

2019-10-03 | Preserving remnants of human culture on the moon

2019-10-03 | Learning from what Apollo astronauts left on the moon

2019-09-18 | AI can learn real-world skills by playing video games

2019-08-09 | Sound ways — literally — to move and filter things

2019-08-07 | Lasers make mice hallucinate

2019-08-01 | Measles can harm a child’s defense against other serious infections

2019-06-26 | The U.S. prison system can harm teen brains, scientist warns

2019-06-11 | This tiny dinosaur is officially T. rex‘s cousin

2019-06-10 | Dry sand can bubble like the blobs in a lava lamp

2019-06-04 | Was that a Marsquake?

2019-05-28 | New insights on how STEVE lights up the night sky

2019-05-20 | Science is helping kids become math masters

2019-04-23 | Desert kangaroo rats ninja-kick attacking rattlesnakes

2019-04-22 | A new fossil shows how hagfish went back to basics

2019-04-19 | People may indeed have a sixth sense — for magnetism

2019-04-05 | Using art to show the threat of climate change

2019-04-02 | Scientists now know why microwaved grapes make plasma fireballs

2019-03-29 | Shape-shifting chemical is key to new solar battery

2019-03-15 | What’s behind frequent strep throat? Consult the tonsils

2019-03-14 | Disappearing sea ice could disrupt Arctic’s food web

2019-02-27 | Animal graveyard found in deeply buried Antarctic lake

2019-01-21 | How some insects fling their pee

2019-01-18 | New research may alter what we know about how tornadoes form

Science News

2018-03-16 | Inked mice hint at how tattoos persist in people

2018-03-15 | AI bests humans at mapping the moon

2018-03-15 | Liverwort reproductive organ inspires pipette design

2018-03-14 | New Horizons’ next target has been dubbed Ultima Thule

2018-01-03 | Ask AI: How not to kill online conversations

2017-12-15 | In marine mammals’ battle of the sexes, vaginal folds can make the difference

2017-12-13 | Brains of former football players showed how common traumatic brain injuries might be

2017-12-13 | Worries grow that climate change will quietly steal nutrients from major food crops

2017-12-13 | Fossils join genetic evidence to revise human origin story

2017-12-01 | We still don’t know where the first interstellar asteroid came from

2017-11-22 | Seeds coated in a common pesticide might affect birds’ migration

2017-11-27 | Here’s what really happened to Hanny’s Voorwerp

2017-10-30 | Photons are caught behaving like superconducting electrons

2017-10-27 | An interstellar asteroid might have just been spotted for the first time

2017-10-04 | Luhan Yang strives to make pig organs safe for human transplant