Top Twelve Twitter-Bytes Of Science Journalists @#SFN12

I bet most of you envision scientific conferences as a gathering of uber-nerds discussing the latest research in a language (some of my friends tell me it sounds vaguely like Klingon) only they can understand.

But scientists aren’t the only people attending conferences. Science journalists and bloggers are also flocking to these meetings equipped with a mastery of the English language, the ability to elegantly distill the most important and fascinating information from long and complicated lectures into 140 characters, and a smart phone. With the advent of social media, we now have the ability to communicate our thoughts and experiences in real-time.

With that, I present to you the top twelve tweets by science journalists attending the Society for Neuroscience Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana, from October 13-17, 2012. It’s almost as if you were there in real life.

Ed Yong ‏@edyong209

“Google search that” is the new “test your hypotheses” #sfn12

The Scientist ‏@TheScientistLLC

The Scientist is in the #sfn12 house! About to settle into the neural basis of consciousness. Proves to be an interesting discussion. #sfn12

consciousness =awareness+wakefulness.#sfn12

fascinating results in probing consciousness in vegetative patients . Turns out they may be more aware than they appear to be. #sfn12

sci curious ‏@scicurious

“In life, you never get to do the control experiment” – rothmann. #Sfn12

The Scientist ‏@TheScientistLLC

happy to be sitting in a talk about synesthetes-people whose sensory perceptions become scrambled to the point of hearing colors, etc.#sfn12

Totally ready to hear about the neuroethics of smart drugs. Was hoping they’d be passing some out at the door, but no luck.#sfn12

Boosting working memory can boost intelligence – Sahakian.#sfn12

“We run the risk of becoming a homogenous society.” – Sahakian. Must be careful not to over narrow our definition of “intelligence.” #sfn12

Pharmaceuticals are fleeing the central nervous system. Steve Hyman. #sfn12

The key “translational block” in neuroscience is ignorance. The brain is really really complicated. Steve Hyman. #sfn12
Just learned that babies cannot run. Gotta love #sfn12 posters!

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